Moving Through Awareness in Grief Yoga


The first step in the healing process is awareness. 

By becoming more open to presence through breathing and movement, we can develop a deeper wisdom into what the body is telling us and enhance our intuition. 

Awareness creates the space for acceptance and surrendering into the present moment allows for more peace, happiness, and ease to flow into our body. 

Feeling and expressing emotion through Grief Yoga


Letting go and surrendering can be one of the most challenging practices in grief. 

Tapping into your body's inner strength and awareness allows fear, anger, sadness, doubt to move through you.  

Your body always speaks the truth you can release negative thoughts and feelings through the Grief Yoga exercises and techniques using movement, breath and sound.

Finding connection and guidance through Grief Yoga


"Connection is the energy created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued - when they can give and receive without judgement." Brene Brown

We are often in a place of struggle and suffering because we are seeking or missing connection. Connecting to your deeper inner guide through gratitude, love and appreciation of life will deepen your connection to others. 

The Connection exercises will bring connection to joy, harmony and devotion to lift your spirits.