Cannabis-Friendly Yoga class right here in Peterborough! 

Come get blissed out with this high-vibing yoga class.

From sick beats to flow to low and slow to soothing savasana this class will keep you chill.  

If you choose to use cannabis, please arrange for safe transportation home.

Space is limited.

Resuming Soon!

5 weeks $70

Yoga Social


Silence in yoga classes can be somewhat uncomfortable for some. Now a yoga class where you can feel open and communicate and be yourself! This yoga class still provides you with all the benefits such as improved flexibility, mental clarity and feelings of more happiness, as any other yoga class but without all the separation and silence. Building a sangha with big hearts is what this class is all about.

Every Tuesday


5 weeks $70 or 10 for $120

Yoga to Nourish Your Spirit


Trust the guru within. Allow your natural confidence to shine. Find where love grows and live with gratitude. 

This is a slow and gentle yoga class for self exploration. You'll move through heart opening asanas and breathe deep within the tissues releasing more self love, acceptance, gratitude, sparking more happiness from within.

Every Thursday


5 weeks $70

Finding Resilience through Trauma


A yoga class centred on  learning about self-regulation and mood stabilization through a supportive, guided practice of gentle yoga. Recommended for caregivers and trauma survivors as we will discuss how the brain is the centre of our trauma response and how the practice of yoga can help you find balance again.

Every Monday


270 Braidwood Ave

$10 per class or 6 for $50 

Yoga for Grief


Finding meaning and purpose after loss.

Allowing space and healing to move you through the pain and release suffering after losing someone you love.

Life changes after you lose someone you life. Let me help you move through the stages of grief and tap into the resources deep within your heart. 

Private Classes Only

4 weeks/ 1 class per week


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