Elke Johnson

Passionate About Yoga

Elke is a 500hr Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher from Peterborough, Ontario. Her personal yoga practice draws on many types of yoga including Hatha, Bhakti, Kundalini, Restorative and Yin Yoga from her inspiring teachers. Elke practices daily meditation, movement and mantra to vibrate the soul and the cosmos.

Elke teaches her fun, playful style of yoga with her dog, Blue, at JOHA YOGA 

Elke declared sharing her love and expression of yoga as her personal mission in life after moving out of negative self talk and unhealthy old patterns. Today, Elke is passionate about inspiring others to try a daily gratitude and/or meditation practice, and promotes the importance of Self Love and care. It is through these devotional practices of that we all can find true happiness and reconnect with others through compassion and peace and inspire others to bring positive change throughout the world. 

Certified Grief Yoga Teacher

Canada's first and only Certified Grief Yoga Teacher. 

Elke's own struggle with grief and depression after losing six family members and friends over fifteen months brought her to seek healing through Yoga and meditation. Elke believes in the importance of sharing Yoga through grief and difficult times because of Yoga's gift of emotional and physical liberation.

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